hi! i'm shelby. i'm 20 and a student at uwlax, depression sucks and true friends are REALLY hard to find. excuse the frequent outburst of harry styles, i just really want to have his children.

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1347: this is Leo’s year

2014: this is Leo’s year

3058: this is Leo’s year

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We’re not saying that Matthew didn’t deserve it, our passion for Leo just cannot be contained

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*blog aggressively turns into a wtf academy rant*

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it looks perfect now


all of tumblr right now: 

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I was in the bathroom and I heard my neighbors yelling “NOOOOOO!” and I was like “Well Leo lost” and I checked tumblr and I was like “Yep”.

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  • Things John Travolta can say: Systematic Hydromatic, Ultramatic
  • Things John Travolta can't say: Idina Menzel

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